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Catering Menu
We have catering options to make your event truly special.  These are our base prices but contact us for a binding quote.
All catering options include hot fudge, sprinkles, spoons and napkins plus 6 other toppings of your choice such as: Oreos, mini mms, cookie dough, gummy bears, chocolate rocks, fruit, caramel turtles, or mini pb cups.  Also mix and match up to 5 flavors of yogurt, ice cream, dole whip or italian ice.
Regular size cups (approximately 10 oz/cup):
       20 - 50 cups: $6/cup
       51-100 cups:  $5.50/cup
       100 + cups:    $5.00/cup
         *Plus $30 setup/tear down fee.
Small size cups (approximately 6 oz/cup):
       20 - 50 cups:  $4/cup
       51-100 cups:   $3.75/cup
       100 + cups:     $3.50/cup
         *Plus $30 setup/tear down fee.

Our Toppings

We have over 80 toppings.  Listings coming soon!

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